Frequently Asked Questions

Why is concrete better than pavers?

Durability of concrete is substantially greater than pavers. In some cases, pavers bring a decorative appeal, however, similar decorative options are also available with concrete.

What is your square-foot price?

Pricing varies from $2.00 / SF to $30 / SF. It depends on the type of concrete and the type of job.

Where can I get more information about your products and/or services?

Call our office at (317)-733-4200 for more information or check us out on Social Media.

When can I walk on the concrete?

Typical time is 48 hours after the pour. We let all of our customers know when they can walk on the concrete specific to the job.

How long does it take concrete to dry?

In actuality, the proper term is called curing. Concrete curing depends on the type of concrete used (mix specifications), weather conditions, chemicals used, water added, etc. We always let the customer know for each job when they can walk, drive, and place furniture on the concrete. For a quick answer, we typically tell customers it is safe to walk on after 48 hours, drive on after 28 days, and total cure time of up to a year.

What can I use to remove snow and ice from my driveway? Can I use salt?

SALT WILL DAMAGE CONCRETE AND VOIDS YOUR WARRANTY! We recommend shoveling snow off the concrete as the best way to maintain the integrity of your concrete.

How hard will the concrete be? Can I park a dump truck on it?

We typically use 3500 to 5000 psi concrete on all our flat work. Foundations are poured with 2500 psi to 3500 psi concrete.

How deep do you dig?

Depending on the county, we dig 30” to 36” for footers and foundations. For typical flatwork, the range is from 4” to 8”, however we will compensate depending on the grade.

What about my gas, telephone and cable lines? Will you hit those?

We have a utility check done prior to every job unless otherwise specified. Other lines such as A/C lines, sprinkler systems, pet fencing and any additional electrical wiring are up to the customer to mark locations.

How much gravel do you use? What kind of gravel do you use?

We use 2” – 4” of gravel underneath the concrete. We typically use 53 gravel or pea gravel.

What is re-enforcement? What options are available? Do I need re-enforcement?

Re-enforcement is the method of increasing the amount of pressure the concrete can handle without losing the integrity of the concrete by holding the concrete" using metal or fiber. In short, making the concrete stronger and withstand heavier loads. Methods of re-enforcement are fiber mesh, wire mesh, and rebar. In each case the concrete will become stronger, it just depends on what you are using the concrete for and how much pressure it needs to handle. We offer all options to all of our customer but give specific recommendations on what we think fits best for each specific job.